Retrieve’s proprietary
Return Protection service
lets you know when funds
are available


Fraud protection
for both the front
and back end of
your business


Low cost, high transparency
processing through the
largest processors in
the industry


A cutting-edge solution
to facilitate payments
for both you and
your customers

ACH Returns are costly in a number of ways:

  • Costs associated with sending and returning an ACH
  • The NSF fee your customer incurs from their bank
  • Burning a valuable re-presentment for that payment

Retrieve’s proprietary Return Protection Program

provides the most effective means of protecting your company and your customers against costly, unwarranted ACH returns

Retrieve works directly with financial institutions to verify funds are available in a specific bank account

Helping clients achieve industry best practices by maintaining low return and unauthorized rates, while also protecting your customers from costly bank fees.

Benefits clients can expect from retrieve’s return protection program:

Expedite Collection Cycle:

Get paid quicker than through traditional collection channels.

Reduce fees for you and your customers:

Only ACH your customers when funds are available.

Increase Customer Retention:

Reduce customer churn and attrition.

Reduce or Eliminate Third Party Collections:

Minimize the need for third party collections.

See our FAQs for even more details.